Sunday, 7 February 2016



Hello! I am the language assistant at IES DRE Bilingual institute in San Juan del Puerto, and I will be helping the students with their English in History, Maths, Science, PE and Music lessons until May!

So students can be more familiar with who I am, I have made a small presentation explaining a little about where I come from in England, my student life in England, and what I like to do whilst I am back home!

Enjoy my presentation and I look forward to completing my time abroad at IES DRE, both improving students' English as well as my own Spanish. Keep checking for my future posts!

Life in Lincoln, UK!

Lincolns cultural side!
One of Lincolns proudest monuments is Lincoln cathedral, when it was first built it was the tallest building in the world back in 1311.

The Brayford river is also a cultural side to Lincoln as it flows through the city centre and past its historic locations.

This bridge in Lincoln is known for keeping the rotting bodies of exacuted prisoners in inside so boats would see it as they sailed past.

At christmas, the city is famous for its christmas market, one of the most famous in europe!

Lincoln is famous for its Lincolnshire cheese and Lincolnshire sausage, which is sold at the christmas market, as well many other meats, cheese, chocolate and other amusements!
The Lincoln Common is also a cultural site!
 It has the grandstand which is famous for being where the Lincoln horse races would take place...

Now the Common is used as a recreational area where you can play football, tennis and bowls as well as being home to horses!

Lincoln is also very modern, with a thriving student population, due to its University!

Along the Brayford there are modern bars and restaurants that let you enjoy the view of the river as you eat, and there is a cinema..

There is plenty of shopping in the city as well, with the main shopping centre The Waterside and the cities highstreet shops!

The students also create a good nightlife in Lincoln with clubs and bars coming to life at night

There is also Lincoln city FC, who play in the in the conference league

I study at Leeds Beckett University, which is located in a part of Leeds called Headingly

Leeds has a huge student population, which means there is plenty to do in the city, such as for food, drinks, the cinema or shopping in its popular Trinity Centre..
 As well as this, there is a huge student night life!

Throughout the summer, the UK holds events that take advantage of its country landscape, and this year I took part in an obstacle course called tough mudder... 12 miles of obstacles!

The UK also uses its country landscape in the summer to hold all types of music festivals such as Glastonbury, RandL festival, and many others.. this year I went to Creamfields, a dance music festival in Cheshire!

The End