Monday, 23 January 2017

Inauguration Day

This past Friday, the United States witnessed its 45th presidential inauguration. Although the president himself is controversial, the inauguration contains many traditions.

What is Inauguration Day? 

Inauguration Day marks the swearing-in of the incoming president. 

Thousands of people attend the Inauguration and fill the National Mall, which is the center of Washington D.C..

What Happens on Inauguration Day?

Before the president and vice-president are sworn-in, they drive to the Capitol together. Although they may not speak to each other during the ride, they carry out an important gesture that symbolizes a peaceful transfer of power. 

Once both elected officials arrive at the Capital, they are sworn in. After the vice-president is sworn in, the president-elect takes the Oath of Office administered by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Afterwards, the new president makes his inaugural speech.

After that, the president and vice-president attend a lunch hosted by senior Congressional officials.  

Once lunch is over, the president walks from the Capital to the White House, where he will be living and working for the next four years. 

After he arrives at the White House, a parade begins on Pennsylvania Avenue, which includes dancers, singers, military displays and floats. People from all over the country see and participate in the parade.