Monday, 10 February 2014

Valentine's Day: What's in a Heart?

Valentine Day is coming! For some cultures, it’s a day of romance, of hearts and flowers. For others, it’s a Day of Friendship. The day is Saint Valentine’s feast, and many cards and flowers will be exchanged (as well as chocolates and other gifts).
       The day has several symbols. One of the most popular is the heart, which represents love and caring. The heart is used in any number of expressions. Below is a list. See if you can think of why “heart” is used to describe these ideas.
1.    “She has a heart of gold” means that she to cares about other people.
2.    “He has a big heart” means the he is a giving, generous person.
3.    “She is cold­-hearted” means that she doesn’t feel sympathy for other people.
4.    “He wears his heart on his sleeve” means he shows everybody how he feels about someone (or something).
5.    “Cross your heart and hope to die” means that you swear something is true or that you promise to do something.
6.    “She cried her heart out” means that she cried a lot because she felt really
badly about something.
7.    “They are eating their hearts out” means deep sadness about something.
8.    “Eat your heart out!” is a sarcastic expression meaning “Too bad you can’t [be someone][do something].”
9.    “I sympathize from the bottom of my heart” means that I feel really deep sympathy.
10.  “He had a change of heart” means that he changed his opinion or his mind about something.
11.  “Have a heart!” means “Be compassionate, be understanding.”
12.  “My heart was in my mouth!” means I was very nervous or I was scared.
13.  “Try to set your heart at rest” means to try to relax or stop worrying.
14.  “She’s really soft-hearted” means she’s sympathetic or compassionate
15.  “He really took the Broncos’ loss to heart” means he was very disappointed by the loss.
16.  “She’s learned the poem by heart” means she has the poem in her memory.
17.  “He is a football fan, heart and soul!” means he’s a very enthusiastic fan of football.
18.  “In her heart of hearts, she doesn’t believe that” means in her most private thoughts, she doesn’t believe something.
19.  “He lost his heart to Mary” means he fell in love with Mary.
20.  “She has her heart set on going to China” means she really really hopes to go to China.

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