Tuesday, 25 October 2016

About me!


My name is Rachel. I am American. I am from New Mexico, which is a state in the southwest. However, I grew up in many different countries for most of my life.

I lived in Baku, Azerbaijan for two years.

After that, I was in Cairo, Egypt.

From the middle of eighth grade to junior year of high school, I lived in Ankara, Turkey.

Finally, for my last year of high school, I lived in Quito, Ecuador. That's where I started to learn Spanish!

After I graduated from high school, I studied at Macalester College for four years. This small liberal arts college is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. It is home to several famous sports teams -- the Twins (baseball), the Vikings (American football), the Timberwolves (mens' basketball), and the Lynx (womens' basketball).

In college, I studied political science and legal studies. I have always been interested in becoming a civil rights lawyer or being a politician. I care about helping others and I believe that either of these professions strive for those goals.

After I graduated from college, I didn't know what I wanted to do. All I knew is that I was interested in returning to Spain (for the fourth time!), learning more Spanish, and learning more about education. As a result, I applied to be an auxiliar de conversación!

Now, I live in Huelva. It's very nice here!

Note: Although Americans attend universities, it is more common to say "college" instead of "university."

Comprehension Questions:

1. What are the four countries that I grew up in?
2. What did I study in college?
3.  Why did I return to Spain? How many times have I been in Spain?

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