Thursday, 18 December 2014

And the Winners Are….

      This year's Christmas card competition was judged on Wednesday, December 17.
      Picking the best cards was a hard decision. The judges, our English professors, considered each design. Sometimes they disagreed. Finally, they voted.
     After all the discussion, debate, and votes, we now know who the winners are!
      1A: Yolanda Girón Aguilar won first, and Cinta Toscano Pérez took second.
      1B: José Manuel Blanco won first, and Andrea Gómez Ruiz took second.
      1C: Nazaret Calado Toscano won first, and Lucia Torres Sánchez took second.
      1D: José Manuel Márquez Carillo won first, and Marta Cartes Camacho took second.
      The winning Christmas cards are shown here, but there were many others that were considered. In the entrance to the high school you can see them: they're posted in the display case next to the Nativity Scene.


      Congratulations to all the contestants, and of course, to the winners. Great job!

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