Saturday, 13 December 2014

It's Christmas Time Again!

Merry Christmas, Everyone! 
Soon we'll all be off enjoying the holidays. Last year, we published three Christmas items on the bilingual blog: an interactive book with lots of activities about Christmas; a story about Christmas traditions in the U.S.; and a story about U.S. history that tells how Christmas almost didn't come in the early days of the country. If you missed these blog posts, you can go to the archive and find them in December 2013.
For 2014, we have a new post about Christmas stockings (one of my personal favorite holiday traditions). You can find it below this post.
I'm providing some web sites here that might be enjoyable for you:
(1) Traditional Christmas music standards with a great video of winter in city and wilderness:
(2) A summary of the "top 10 Christmas movies" with clips is found at:
(3) It's a Wonderful Life , the film considered by many to be the best Christmas movie ever, can be found at:
(4)  YouTube offers a list of films for free; some of the list look like trailers, but others are full length films.
Remember! Watching films in English is a great way to improve your listening and speaking skills. (And it's also fun.)
The time Santa got stuck in on an
Irish roof
Putting up the San Juan del
Puerto Christmas Tree (2013)

Christmas lights in a Las Palmas park,
Gran Canaria 

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