Friday, 8 April 2016

Christmas in England!

Apologies to anyone who has been eagerly awaiting for me to upload more blogs. So far I am really enjoying my time at IES DRE, working along side the teachers and with the students, as well as enjoying my time in Spain. 
So far I have learnt a lot from Spanish culture, so in return, I thought I would share some culture from back home, and in this blog, I will refer to specifically to Christmas in England!
Here I have a presentation I made for my Music students about Christmas in England, Enjoy!
Christmas in England
Christmas Films! 
At Christmas time, many christmas films are played on TV.
England has many classic christmas films, which includes classic christmas music.
One example is a film called the Snowman,
which has a very famous scene that includes a very famous christmas song!
Have you heard it before?

Christmas Carols!
 In England, it is a tradition that children go round on Christmas day, or the days around christmas, singing christmas carols for their neighbours knocking from door to door.
Although it is a tradition, not many people do it as much anymore because it is seen as very religious, and England is becoming more and more secular.
Usually, once you the children finish their christmas carol, they are given a sweet or some money and they move on to the next house.

Christmas songs!
 At christmas time, England plays many christmas songs on the radio.
Many christmas songs are quite old now, but because they are christmas songs, they always get played, and no one ever gets bored of them.

Modern Christmas songs!
Now there are more modern christmas songs that get played at christmas time!
But they are not as popular as the old classics that get played in England.
But I Still like them very much!
One of my favourite christmas songs is Mistletoe by Justin Bieber!
My all time favourite christmas song!
My all time favourite Christmas song, is by Chris Rea, called driving home for christmas!

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